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Welcome To Beautiful Nepal

Nepal is a landlocked country between India and China. It is a beautiful country with breathtaking landscape, diverse culture, and adventure.

We have the highest peaks in the world, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, wildlife and best adventure.

Lonely Planet calls Nepal the Trekker’s Paradise. In 2017, Nepal was ranked # 5 as a travel destination.



Meet Lokendra

Lokendra Rai is a veteran in Nepal’s trekking industry. He has worked for more than two decades as a guide.

He is the co-founder of Magic Mountains. Lokendra is a passionate person who takes pride in showing the beautiful landscape of Nepal.

He treats everyone as a part of the family. He is known for taking extra mile for the guests.

Lokendra prefers to travel with the guest, and if he is busy, he makes sure he sends a guide, handpicked and reliable.

What do we do so differently?

Support for

Local Community

We understand the importance and impact of locals in our industry. We value local culture and environment. We hire locals to support your trek. We invest a portion of our profit back in to the community. Our main focus is on education.

Lesser Load

Better Pay

Your friendly porter in Nepal carries a huge load while trekking and work for a very low pay. We treat them more humane. The porters carry 10 kg and get paid double the amount they get from the current agencies.

Support for


Education is vital for a bright future and the only hopes for the kids in remote villages. We contribute a portion of our revenue towards fulfilling basic school needs for the kids like school bags, books, and uniform.

Eco-Friendly treks

Reducing Carbon Footprint

We create trips that are eco-friendly. We encourage and work along with our clients to make sure the trip leaves a very low carbon print