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Mount Manaslu

Situated at a range of 8,163m (26,781 ft) above sea level; Mount Manaslu is the eighth highest mountain in the world. A Japanese duo of mountaineers-Toshio Imanishi and Gyalzen Norbu ascended on the top of the Mt. Manaslu on 9th May 1956.

According to the Sanskrit dialect, it was named as the “Mountain of the Spirit.”

A breathtaking view and the extremity of trekking in Nepal, it is located at the northern Himalayan range in the Gorkha District of Nepal.

Shadowed by Ganesh Himal Range to the east and Annapurna Range to the west; there are three ridges peak -Ngadi Chuli, Himalchuli, and Baudha surrounding the gigantic Mt.Manaslu.

This trekking route is a 110-mile pathway which is more laid back compared to Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Circuit treks. The trek lies in restricted areas of Manaslu region; you might encounter countable visitors along the way.

They require a permit, at least two people in the party and a registered guide. The trek is suitable for intrepid trekkers.
It takes around 14-17 days to carry out this trek. However, it depends on one’s physical capability.

You can opt to acclimatization treks to Ganesh Himal Base Camp and Tsum Valley before going through difficult routes.

Back and forth trip from Gumba Lundang( that belongs in Tsum territory) to Ganesh Himal Base Camp recommended as it requires no entry permit unlike in the Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP).

Larke Pass in the lower elevation compare to other Thorong La Pass, Chola Pass is a little tricky as you have to ascend and descend frequently. No wonder the trek is examined to be a test of the endurance.

Tsum Valley is significant for its culture to not sacrificing any animals inside the premises of the valley. The Buddhist Lama School for children is present; ideally for meditation. Apart from this, old nun monasteries face Ganesh Himal from the frontal side.

Few teahouses are available along the route. The small houses are scattered over town; painted in vibrant colors. The patio is filled with bright flowerpots. You will explore one of the diverse scenic view comprising of the high alpine terrain, exhilarating more upper area, long walk on flat ground.

They provide essential services like food, electricity, accommodation. To witness the simple lifestyle and fascinating culture in an era of modernization will be an incomparable experience.

Mount Manaslu is the ideal combination of unfading cultural heritage, thrilling adventures, and panoramic views of the mountains. Discovering and observing a new distinct place can help you be enlightened making it the utmost memorable experience ever.

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