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Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek

Price $ 2377.19
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Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek

$ 2377.19 per person

Kanchenjunga circuit trek is one of the most popular trekking route in Kanchenjunga region. Kanchenjunga circuit trek known as Kanchenjunga base camp trek include both Oktang base camp and Pangpema base camp.

With Magic Mountains, Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek can be your escape from reality for a while. Pete Boardman, British Mountaineer, declared that the road to the bottom of Kanchenjunga was the most impressive he had ever undertaken in 1979. It is an excellent challenger for “The most beautiful walk in the world.” The word “Kanchenjunga” is derived from Tibetan and it translates to the five treasures of snow.

Residents have admired these sacred mountains for as long as their tales go back in time. The five treasures are Holy Scriptures, Grain, Gold, Silver and Precious Stones, pointing to the five different peaks of the Kangchendzonga range.

Kanchenjunga is situated on far eastern Nepal, near the border of a tiny Himalayan state in the north-eastern part of India, Sikkim. It is the second highest peak in Nepal and third highest in the world with an altitude of 8586 meters.

It was first climbed in 1955, but only after the late 1980’s, it was allowed for trekkers rather than only mountaineering expeditions. Special permits are required to walk here as you cross pristine conservation areas. Solo hiking is not permitted, and local guides must be hired to get permits.

Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek is an extraordinary experience into the core of the Himalaya where the range of both valley and mountain is difficult to understand. The mountains are visible in the distance for days, hovering like ships on a faraway sea.

Trekking will not get any greater than this. After coming here in 1899, Douglas Freshfield was awe-struck by the utter scale of the mountains, which left an impact of “stupendous vastness”. Massive yet graceful peaks thrust up into the Himalayan blue, then quickly the large north wall of Kanchenjunga rushes into the picture, with a ridge of grass dropping down the hill towards its base. This is one of the most treasured sites of Nepal, Pangpema (5140m).

You can select from the Kanchenjunga north trek, Kanchenjunga south trek or the Kanchenjunga circuit trek, which visits both the south and north base camps or we could simply tailor a plan for you. You will meet local Tibetan refugees, who will welcome you with hospitality and smiling faces on all treks as you lead through meadows, forests of pink barked rhododendrons and rippled farmland.

Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek is identified as a demanding trek as per its remoteness and altitude. There are no crowds and you will meet few other trekkers. Participants should be physically fit enough to walk for at least 6 hours a day. However, because the government is emphasizing tourism in the area as part of the Great Himalayan Trail, you can now walk Kanchenjunga on a tea-house basis. Staying at local houses will assist locals to augment their incomes.

Kanchenjunga is near the far-eastern part of Nepal preserved under the (2035 km2) Kanchenjunga Conservation Area Project. The protection area hosts various species such as shy dragon, impedance pheasant, snow leopard, red panda, black bear, etc.

If you are seeking peace in life, this is the route for you. Famous for its remoteness, the trek was once a prohibited region and opened for trekkers only in 1988.

Therefore there are lesser trekkers in Kanchenjunga region and abundance of natural heritage and wildlife. You will enjoy the natural heritages throughout the journey with least human influence.

As the trek starts, you will see the slow change in the landscape which brings changes in wildlife and vegetation. This path encompasses alpine shrub, Himalayan coniferous forests, grasslands, and meadows. This adventure will give you a lot of amazing and adventurous memory to cherish for the lifetime.

Duration: 24 Days
Tour Type: Private and Group Tour
Maximum Altitude: 8,586 Meters
Trek Difficulty: High

    Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu airport, transfer to hotel and trip briefing
    Day 2: Flight to Bhadrapur & drive to Taplejung (8-9 hours)
    Day 3: Trek to Chiruwa (6-7 hours)
    Day 4: Trek to Sukethum (7-8 hours)
    Day 5: Trek to Amjlosa (4-5 hours)
    Day 6: Trek to Gyabla (5-6 hours)
    Day 7: Trek to Ghunsa (5-6 hours)
    Day 8: Acclimatization day
    Day 9: Trek to Khangpachen (6-7 hours)
    Day 10: Trek to Lhonak (4-5 hours)
    Day 11: Trek to Pangpema (2-3 hours), trek to KBC and return to Lonak (4 hours)
    Day 12: Trek to Ghunsa (6-7 hours)
    Day 13: Trek to Sele La (6-7 hours)
    Day 14: Trek to Tseram (7-8 hours)
    Day 15: Trek to Ramche (4-5 hours)
    Day 16: Hike to Oktang Base Camp, trek to South KBC and back to Chaiiam (6-7 hours)
    Day 17: Trek to Lasha dada (6-7 hours)
    Day 18: Trek to Sherpa Gaun (4-5 hours)
    Day 19: Trek to Khewang (4-5 hours)
    Day 20: Trek to Haku Khola (3 hours) & after lunch drive to Illam
    Day 21: Drive to Bhadrapur (3 hours) and fly back to Kathmandu
    Day 22: Sightseeing in Kathmandu
    Day 23: Drop off to International Airport

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