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Mount Dhaulagiri Expedition

Price $ 4008.75
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Mount Dhaulagiri Expedition

$ 4008.75 per person

Mount Dhaulagiri is the 7th highest mountain in the world. In Nepal, It is the 5th highest. This mountain is situated in the Myagdi District, the northwestern part of Nepal. The name “Dhaulagiri” comes from Sanskrit where Dhavala translates as “White” and Giri as “Mountain peak”.

Just as the name suggests, Mountain Dhaulagiri is a real giant range of White Mountains as Dhavala-giri. Hereafter called Mt.Dhaulagiri when merged. The actual altitude of Mt Dhaulagiri is (8,167m) above sea level. Mount Dhaulagiri was successfully climbed by the Swiss in 1960 from the Northeast Ridge.

In the early 1800s, This range was first seen by the British surveyors in India but remained practically unknown till a Swiss aerial survey. Five ranges buttress Dhaulagiri l and also up until the early 1980’s the Northeast ridge had been climbed successfully.

Dhaulagiri is thought to be the most impressive peak among the eight thousand meters one. Regarding the rise of the terrain, Dhaulagiri is unparallel as it stands 7000m over Kali Gandaki over the horizontal length of 30km, which by all standard is an impressive statistic.

Mount Dhaulagiri Expedition:

The majority of grades to date have been through the first climbing route, also known as the “Normal Route” of the Mount Dhaulagiri Expedition. Nevertheless, ascents have been made from nearly every direction in this mountain.

Mount Dhaulagiri Expedition has five ranges and west and south faces, which lift 4000m from their Base Camps which offers possibilities to produce many exciting routes from French, Italian, and Swiss camps.

There has been 58 climbing accidents and 358 successful summit climbings on the range as per the data of 2007. The lack of big commercial expeditions is one of the more charming qualities of Dhaulagiri due to its technically challenging routes. Only experienced mountaineers have interest in this challenging mountain.

Magic Mountains is happy to offer you our unforgettable journey and an exhilarating Mount Dhaulagiri Expedition. We present a complete service securing all the climbing documentation, necessary permits, and traveling logistics including ground transportation, airfares, porters, and other personal assistance required by our mountaineers.

Mount Dhaulagiri Expedition Full Board Service:

Help the climbers to reach the summit. Individual climbing Sherpa will set up camp 3, camp 2 and camp 1 which includes oxygen, fuel and food provisions, and will assist and guide you on the final day of the climb.

Approaches to ABC (Advance Base Camp):

A drive from Pokhara to Beni Bazaar and trekking through the valleys of Kali Gandaki including Tatopani (1189m), Ghasa (2012m), and Marpha (2667m), Yak Kharka (3680m) will take you to Dhaulagiri Base Camp (4700m). The walk to Base Camp will take about five days.

Climbing Routes:

Normal path is through the Northeast Ridge. The Austrian-Swiss expedition in 1960 climbed the original route. 4 camps are set for the climbing. Just to deposit the gear, The Advance Base Camp is established at 5,300m, but it will not be practiced as an overnight camp due to grave danger.

  • Camp 1 will be set at 5,900m on the Col east from ABC.
  • Camp 2 will be placed at 6,400m, which is stretched from camp 1 with some sheer climbing segments.
  • Camp 3 (7200m) will be located towards the west with snow climbing and steep iced. From Camp 3, we climb towards the East Ridge, where we expect to encounter strong wind situations before entering camp 4 (7500m). This is the most challenging part of the Mount Dhaulagiri Expedition.
  • From camp 4, we make a straight push for the summit and get back to camp 3 if the circumstances allow us. With tough conditions, the fallback is to setup bevy at 7,900m to strive another summit push next day.


Duration: 49 Days
Tour Type: Private and Group Tour
maximum Altitude: 8167 Meters
Trek Difficulty: High

    Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu. Transfer to your hotel.
    Day 2: Stay at Kathmandu for the official procedure
    Day 3: Preparation for expedition
    Day 4: Drive to Beni (830m-2723ft), arrange for porters.
    Day 5: Trek to Tatopani (1189m-3901ft). Overnight in lodge.
    Day 6: Trek to Ghasa (2012m-6631ft). Overnight in lodge.
    Day 7: Trek to Tukuche (2591m-8501ft). Overnight in lodge.
    Day 8: Trek to Marpha (2667m-8750ft). Change porters.
    Day 9: Trek to Yak Kharka (3680m-12074ft).
    Day 10: Trek to French Col (5360m-17586ft).
    Day 11: Trek to Dhaulagiri Base Camp (4700m-15420ft).
    Day 12-39: Climbing Period Mt. Dhaulagiri
    Day 40: Clean up Base Camp
    Day 41: Trek to Dhampus Col
    Day 42: Trek to Marpha. Overnight in lodge.
    Day 43: Trek to Lete (2438m-7999ft). Overnight in lodge.
    Day 44: Trek to Ghasa. Overnight in lodge.
    Day 45: Trek to Tatopani. Overnight in lodge.
    Day 46: Trek to Beni. Overnight in lodge.
    Day 47: Drive to Kathmandu. Transfer to your hotel.
    Day 48: Sightseeing in Kathmandu
    Day 49: Drop off to International Airport

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