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Mount Manaslu Expedition

Price $ 4196.25
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Mount Manaslu Expedition

$ 4196.25 per person

With an altitude of 8161m, Mt. Manaslu is the world’s eighth highest mountain. The mountain is a part of Nepalese Himalayas in the Gorkha massif and also is known as Kutang. The peak of the mountain lies in Gorkha district of Nepal in Mansiri Himal.

“Manasa” in Sanskrit signifies “Mountain of the Spirit” is translated as “soul” or “intellect”. This mountain is located nearly 40 miles east of Mount Annapurna of Kaski. Manaslu is a majestic 3092m mountain, it stretches from crops cultivation area to the region lastingly covered with ice and snow.

Therefore it looks like a serrated wall of ice and snow swinging in the air. Manaslu’s valley glaciers and long ridges offer reasonable appearances from all directions and end in a mountain that mounts steeply above its neighboring landscape.

Mount Manaslu Expedition was opened to trekkers only in 1991 and is located in Central Nepal. But a lot of mountaineering teams had access to it for a long time. A group led by H.W. Tilman traveled this region for the first time in 1950, and since then this area has been pretty popular amongst tuff trekkers.

This field is still limited to some groups and just organized trekkers in certain groups can travel in this region. Manaslu region is extremely remote, and rescue is quite challenging. This is reasonable wilderness region for live leopard of snow. However, the trek is culturally fascinating and geographically spectacular.

A lot of people living in this area notably in the top Buri Gandaki (river) Valley are Tibetan. A point in this valley known as Nupri (meaning Western Mountain in Tibetan) is a trading center among Tibetans living in these regions.

Mount Manaslu Expedition

Mt. Manaslu is situated in an isolated and remote area, and the first photos were collected only in 1950 by the British expedition. In 1952, it was tested for climbing by the Japanese expedition, and later after a few struggles between 1953 and 1956, Mount Manaslu Expedition was eventually climbed by Japanese in 1956.

This Japanese team was all of the female team introduced a first women successor of climbing over 8000m peak. Mount Manaslu Expedition needs more time than another 8000m mountain in Nepal for a long approach to reach the base of the peak. Nonetheless, we may use a helicopter to make an expedition quicker.

This Mount Manaslu Expedition is one of the most critical mountain climbing pursuits and therefore we recommend this trip only for the experienced climbers.

Mount Manaslu Expedition Base Camp Services
  • Magic Mountains Treks & Expedition offers very supportive, friendly and professional mountaineering logistic assistance from Kathmandu to the ABC as well as throughout the climb. Our goal is to ensure friendly, quality, supportive, stress-free, comprehensive and safe service to increase the summit opportunity.
  • We offer a complete service organizing climbing documentation, all required permits, traveling logistics and other individual services required by mountaineers.
Mount Manaslu Expedition Full Board Services
  • We give a Sherpa guide to assist the clients in reaching the summit. The secret of success on Manaslu is the guidance of an experienced and strong climbing Sherpa. However, Mount Manaslu Expedition is a lengthy slog, no matter how good and experienced climber.
Approaches to ABC
  • The breathtaking trek into the base camp of Manaslu carries you back in time when all the Himalayan Mountains were surrounded on foot. The trek starts at a low height of 950m in Arughat and grows gradually over next ten trekking days. It is an excellent way to acclimatize before reaching the base camp and to take on climbing comparatively fast. The trek ascends through narrow gorges from the village of Arughat situated in the low country, then to the rhododendron forest and the local pastures with Tibetan influences to develop into the higher alpine country.
  • The Advanced Base Camp (4800m) is situated at the lateral moraine of the Manaslu Glacier and can be contacted within 10 days trek, or there is also an option of flying into ABC by MI-17 helicopter from Kathmandu.
Climbing Routes
  • Manaslu has several exciting routes heading to the common summit, and a number of them were explored and climbed. The conventional commercial route is up to the Northeast face along the original path of the 1956 Japanese expedition.
  • The climbing is very straightforward and only somewhat more technical then Shishapangma or Cho Oyu, however, with low Base Camp it is a long climb and with almost high purpose plenty risk.
  • Traditionally there are 3 camps above base camp C3 (7,300 m), C2 (6,300m) and C1 (5,500m). Some expeditions set an average camp between C3 and C2 at 6,700m. The region confronted on the ascents alters from glacier crossings to steep snow steps and needs a good understanding of essential alpine climbing procedures. Manaslu has been scaled Alpine style, but traditionally all economic operators practice expedition style to increase the chances of summit success.


Duration: 51 Days
Tour Type: Private and Group Tour
maximum Altitude: 8,163 Meters
Trek Difficulty: High

    Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu. And then drove to the hotel
    Day 2: Details information and preparation about the Trip
    Day 3: Expedition briefing in Ministry of Tourism
    Day 4: Drive Arughat via Dhading
    Day 5: Arughat - Sotikhola 6 hours
    Day 6: Sotikhola - Machhakhola 6/7 hours
    Day 7: Machhakhola - Jagat
    Day 8: Trek Jagat to Ukawa
    Day 9: Trek Ukawa to Ngyak 5/6 hours
    Day 10: Trek Nyak to Namrung 5/6 hours
    Day 11: Trek Namrung to Syalla village
    Day 12: Trek Syalla to Sama village
    Day 13: Acclimatization day
    Day 14: Trek to Manaslu Base camp
    Day 15-41: Climbing Period for Manaslu (8163)m.
    Day 42: Trek down to Sama village
    Day 43: Trek to Namrung
    Day 44: Trek to Philim village
    Day 45: Trek to Machakhola
    Day 46: Trek to Soti
    Day 47: Trek to Arughat
    Day 48: Arughat to drive to Kathmandu
    Day 49: Drive back to Kathmandu
    Day 50: Sightseeing in Kathmandu
    Day 51: Drop off to International Airport

    Tour Location

    Mt. Manaslu expedition is one popular expedition in Manaslu region. Manaslu expedition offer beautiful Himalayan views of Mt. Manaslu 8163m, Mt. Dhaualgiri 8167m,

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